Semalt: What Is Google Scraper – Surprising Benefits Of Google Scraper For Your Online Business

Google Scraper is one of the best and most useful web scraping tools on the internet. It helps you extract information from the search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. With Google Scraper, you can easily check the PA and DA for an URL and look for multiple short-tail and long-tail keywords. If you're a businessman, it is mandatory for you to develop a site and improve its search engine rankings. With ordinary tools, you cannot properly scrape content from dynamic sites and index your web pages. But with Google Scraper, you can scrape data conveniently and crawl your site for better results.

1. Search keywords for your business website:

One of the most distinctive features of Google Scraper is that it helps search proper keywords for a site. If you have recently developed a business website and want to look for appropriate keywords, you must opt for Google Scraper. With this tool, you can easily find the target keywords and use them to improve your site rankings.

2. Harvest data from different sites:

Unlike other ordinary data harvesting tools, Google Scraper makes it easy for you to harvest information from dynamic and simple sites. If you want to collect and scrape information from eBay and Amazon, Google Scraper will allow you to perform that task. Hundreds to thousands of web pages can be targeted with this service. Copying an URL for each keyword is a tedious task, especially when you have to deal with numerous search queries at a time. Google Scraper can send HTTP requests to both Google and Bing and parse the responses conveniently. Plus, you can use this tool to transform unstructured data into structured and organized form.

3. An SEO-friendly tool:

Google Scraper is best known for its user-friendly interface. You can use this tool on a regular basis to improve the search engine rankings of your site. In other words, we can say that Google Scraper is an SEO-friendly tool that can make it easy for you to find keywords and scrape web content. You can undertake multiple data scraping tasks at a time and thus save your energy and time. You can easily enhance the popularity of your site using Google Scraper.

4. Suitable for non-technical persons:

If you are a non-technical person and lack programming and coding skills, you can still use Google Scraper and extract data from different web documents. You don't need to learn Python, C++, Ruby, JavaScript or another programming language to get benefited from this service. Instead, Google Scraper makes it easy for you to convert raw data to the readable and scalable form. You can easily target yellow pages, white pages, Amazon, Trivago, discussion forums, email addresses, HTML documents and PDF files with this service and don't need to compromise on quality. Once the data is scraped, Google Scraper will save it in its own database or Google Drive for later uses.

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